{Especially Nikka}

Nearly 8 years ago two girls moved to Georgia. One from Massachusetts and one from Colombia.

Being the new kid in 8th grade is no walk in the park. It was definitely a struggle but then I met a girl who was fearless in the pursuit of her dreams. She was living proof that I too could pursue my dreams.

That girl became my career soulmate.

Meet Nikka.


If you could visit a country tomorrow which country would it be?

Colombia, I’ve been really missing it lately.

What is your dream job?

Owner of my own successful profitable company and an actress.

What is your ideal friendship?

Supportive friendship where you’re both independent, where you don’t have to see each other all the time but when you do it is like no time has past.



Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself bringing about opportunities for women and minorities in entrepreneurship, film, and in my company specifically. One of my main goals in owning a company is to give opportunities to people who need it and deserve it and are just not seen. I see myself acting, married and maybe owning another small business.


Beach trip or city trip?

Beach trip

Jeans or leggings?




Do you believe that one can have a successful social life, career and family life?

Yes, 100% yes.


I mean I would say that knowing what is prioritized. I would say for me personally God because I do not do any of it by myself. That keeps me sane.


If you had to go somewhere tomorrow and could only take one suitcase…what would you pack?

My leather jacket. The one I got from Zara and wore all the time in London. Nude heels because you never know…when in Colombia we randomly got invited to Bogota Fashion Week and we had to go out and buy these nude heels. Now I take them everywhere, they’re actually in my car right now! Also good denim, like perfect high waisted jeans that I can’t breath in.

Make up or no makeup?

No makeup.

Yeah you’re the one who got me on the whole “no make up” deal.


What is a worldwide issue that needs to be addressed ASAP?

Corruption in the Latin American governments. Latin America has so many resources that are not being tapped into because of the horrifying corruption.

Thai food or Mexican food?

Thai 100%

Yep, that is why I like you.


Where do you see yourself in 10 years? So you’ll be like 30?

Honestly I don’t know…I mean honestly just doing what I love very successfully hopefully.

Do you see kids?

Yeah, yeah I see one or two. But I definitely don’t see myself slowing down. Even if there are kids in the picture, I won’t let that slow me down.



Do you believe that people can truly change?

Yes, 100%. I used to not believe that but I experienced it in my own life so now I definitely believe that.

Coffee or tea?

Coffee! What kind of question is that?!


What is your ideal romantic relationship?

The one I am in right now. It is literally perfect in every way. Caleb is a dream.

Can you describe it?

We both have our priorities, share the same values and are super close to God. That enriches our relationship now in a way it didn’t even 2 years ago when we were still together. But right now we have the same goals, values and have this mutual respect for each other. It makes me want to cry just talking about, I want it forever.



What is your life motto?

It’s literally on my bag…love yourself. Shamelessly love yourself, just love yourself first. Prioritize everything around that and you will see your life change.

That’s what you talk about in your book First Love!

Yes! Which you get purchase on amazon, and my website myclosetetc.com

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