{Especially Jill}

I remember the first semester of my sophomore year I walked into my Fundamentals of Fashion class and saw that Jill was in it as well. She did not know me and but I definitely knew her. I had read one of her articles for CollegeFashionista and immediately had a girl crush. 

So naturally after class I approached her and said that I loved her style. Nearly 2 years later I’ve been lucky enough to have classes with her and gradually get to know her even more. After you read our interview- I’m 100% sure you’ll have a girl crush on her too.

Meet Jill.


What is your dream job?

My dream job is to work for Vogue.

As like an editor or stylist…

My dream job would be to be the marketing director of a fashion brand…or to take over Anna Wintour’s job.

If you could travel to any country tomorrow…where would you go?



What is your ideal friendship?

Somebody who will sit and watch movies with me, go shopping, who loves to have adventure and who will always be there to listen

I like that, all the basics that matter.

Yup, the cliches.

Beach trip or city trip?


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself working for a fashion company and working on getting my masters.

Masters in…?

Masters in marketing for business or something fashion related.


Do you believe that people can truly change?

I think people can be influenced…oh I can’t answer this question. Thats my answer.

Do you believe that one can have a successful career, family life and social life? Can someone juggle it all?

Yes I do. I think that if you balance your life… go to work and hang out with friends after work. Hang out on weekends and incorporate family into all of that. It really comes down to time management.

Oh I hate time management…

Yeah cause you can just waste a lot of time if you’re not careful or put too much time into work.


Coffee or tea?


Jeans or leggings?

Jeans, I like the way they look better


If you could have coffee with someone from the past, present or future…who would it be?


Oh I love him

Yes I love him a lot.


Whats your ideal romantic relationship? I always feel weird asking people who are in relationships haha 

No I like this question…my ideal relationship is with someone who likes adventure and wants to explore the world. As long as they are nice too.

And what are you doing for spring break?

I’m going to first Ireland then London and then Paris and back to London

And with your boyfriend! Ideal relationship fulfilled!

Yes I am so excited you have no idea.


Whats a worldwide issue that should be addressed?

I wish there was a way to help people who don’t have any money in any country. So a stronger worldwide fund to help poverty and hunger especially with children. That is the saddest part…

Would you ever adopt?

Yes definitely.

I feel like thats all I will do…there is just so many kids out there who have no one.


Where do you see yourself in 10 years? So you’ll be 32

I see myself graduated with my masters, hopefully in a manger position at my job and very well traveled.

If you had to pack for a trip tomorrow and you have no idea where…what would you pack in one suitcase?

Definitely a warm jacket because I get cold easily, a swimsuit, my phone and a friend. In my suitcase!


Mexican or Thai food?

I love chips and salsa but thats not authentic so Thai!

I am obsessed with Thai no joke



What is one of your hobbies?

I recently started cycling/spin class and I love. Now I want to do it for the rest of my life.

Oh god thats intense.

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