{Especially Natalie}

My college is quite large. So many majors and so many kinds of people. Sometimes you get lucky and come across true gems. Natalie is one of those gems.

Meet Natalie.



What is your dream job?

My dream job would be marketing for some major fashion brand like Gucci, Chanel…I mean they’re kind of generic but they’re classics. Oh and definitely YSL. The idea of marketing for YSL sounds incredible to me…I love what they’re doing right now.


If you could visit any country and leave for it tomorrow, where would you go?

Italy. I want to go to every place in Italy- from the beach side to Milan. There is such a range of things to do in Italy that I would most definitely enjoy.

What is your ideal friendship?

Okay so…I’m a ENFJ on the Myers Brigg test and I promise this is relevant. So I am a very involved kind of friend. My personality type extremely involves strong commitment, loyalty and friendship. I would like my friends to reciprocate my level of loyalty and love.

But I can also have friends where we don’t talk often but if we are there for each there when it matters most then that is what is  important.


Beach trip or city trip?

At the moment I would say city even though its so cold right now.

Do you believe that people can truly change?

Thats a good question…I mean yes I have seen people really push themselves to be better and do better- so it is possible. You just can’t half-ass it. You are either in it or you’re not kind of thing…you can’t just casually try. It’s a pretty involved process I’d say.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Just starting to get myself involved in my career, hopefully engaged…that’d be nice. I just see that for life around that time.

You’ll be about 26/27 right?

Yeah around there…that would be nice on a relationship side basis. Career wise I’d like to be a couple promotions in- I don’t think I’ll be a senior level or anything…I’m not unrealistic. But I’d like to be working my way up in a new city that I haven’t been in before. I love Atlanta but in 5 years I’d like to see myself moved on from the Atlanta area- I don’t know if I’m cut out for New York or L.A. but somewhere new and somewhere busy for sure.


Do you believe that one can have a successful career, family life & social life?

I’m very much a “you can do it all” kind of person. If you can find the balance in your life then you can have all these things. So its possible but I’m not saying it will be easy. You’ll probably slip up a little…

Maybe slacking a little in your job cause you have kids or vice versa and your significant other has to pick up the kids a bunch cause you’re always working. But I think with a good community of people and your personal drive–it’s definitely possible.


Jeans or leggings?

Jeans…for sure.

Make up or no make up?

To be honest on the daily I don’t wear make up but if I want to feel more confident then make up for sure. In high school I wore make up every single day and if I didn’t I felt really gross, naked and judged.

At that point of my life make up was really like a security blanket for me, I needed it to feel accepted and for people not to ask me if I’m sick or something.

That is such a thing nowadays! It’s so annoying.

But now, most days I don’t wear makeup to class because I’m more comfortable in my skin and its honestly not a priority for me on the daily. But if I want to dress to impress then make up is definitely in the package.


What is a worldwide issue that should be addressed right away?

One that I’d say is getting a lot of attention right now but still has such a long way to go…just the respect of women in general, the #MeToo movement, the women’s right to their own bodies. That is very important to me and crucial. The right of women to do whatever they want to do to their bodies.

Oh yes most definitely.

Yes, like don’t have a uterus then its not your problem. It’s not anyones business. For a society to be progressive then everyone needs to be treated as equal humans. People have argued over women’s bodies now and forever–it just needs to stop for good.

I think that this issue needs more of a global community behind it, besides celebrities.

Yeah its kind of sad that it was triggered because of pretty famous people but when it was happening to your neighbor it wasn’t seen as important.


Thai food or Mexican food?

Oooh. Thats hard! Pad Thai is so good.

Pad Thai is literally everything to me.

But I eat Mexican like 4 times a week…Thai food is more of a treat for me. Mexican is more casual and common.


IMG_5946 2

Who would you want to grab coffee with (someone from the past, present or future)?

I was actually thinking about this the other day. Not necessarily coffee but who I’d want to meet…I’d want to meet Tina Fey.

I loveee Tina Fey, she’s not like a changing the world kind of person but I love her in every way. She’s really funny but also intelligent and witty. A lot of her values and what she says in her writings just resonate with me. She’s someone I’d really like to spend time with and learn from.

I never thought of Tina Fey like that…I’ll definitely pay more attention to her now.

I’m obsessed with 30 Rock…she just has an interesting take on modern society and just everything. I could ramble on about her for a while.


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