{Especially Alayna}

Imagine walking into your first class on your first day of college. Scary right? Slightly intimidating and maybe even a little overwhelming? But then you make eye contact with a classmate and she gives you the most genuine smile.

If you were as lucky as me…you just made one of your best friends on your very first day of college. Quite impressive wouldn’t you say?

You know those super sweet people that are not only pretty but super smart too?  But instead of hating them, you are totally in love with them. Yeah, thats Alayna.

Meet Alayna.


What is your ultimate goal- career wise?

Ultimately I wanna do something where I’ll have time to raise my kids, cause I want to be a hands on kind of mom. Something like a a project manager for an interior design firm.

How old are you right now? Whens your birthday?

I am 20 years old and my birthday is April 28th

What are you studying in college?

I’m majoring in finance and interior design. Sort of an odd mix but…

Actually, for you it’s perfect!


Whats your favorite fashion trend- past, current, etc?

I really loved flared jeans back when I was younger and they sort of made a come back but not fully. They’re really flattering so I would really like for them to come back completely.

Whats a fashion “no-no” that you just hate?

I hate the mesh under lace dresses that are supposed to be your skin color but just isn’t. Oh and I hate the “mermaid” pants, they’re just not flattering at all.


What is your ideal friendship?

Are you making these questions up right now??

Nooo, I promise I planned these.

Okay my ideal friendship is fun, comfortable, supportive, encouraging and its one where both people are—I think if you can look up to your friends for certain things then thats really good- cause you can learn from them too.


Whats your ideal romantic relationship?

The same as a friendship, honestly. A best friend who is just a little more attractive than all your other friends.

Where do you see yourself settling down?

Honestly probably Georgia. It’s just where I’m comfortable. I wish I wasn’t so comfortable. Definitely close to the beach, but not too close that you’ll get sick of it though.

So the beach over the city?

Yes, most definitely.


How many kids?

I want 5 kids, I want all the kids.


Yes, hahaha. It was really just me and my mom growing up so I want a big family.

Biggest pet peeve?

I think I have a list in my phone…

Oh gosh…lets hear a couple of them.

Angry drivers, when the nail lady asks if I want to wax my upper lip–like that is so rude and dirt under finger nails.


Whats your ideal home decor?

Oh don’t get me started!! Okay all white with wooden accents and with pops of color. I’m into a bright pink color and really like brass accessories

I also want artistic elements- nothing too basic…AND floor to ceiling windows…for sure.


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