{fall in love with you (first)}

In a society where falling in love can happen just as quickly as getting heartbroken. Where friendships come and go as quickly as an “unfollow” button. How are we expected to stay strong throughout the ups and downs of superficial connections?

Do we love too deeply or not enough?

As someone who loves quite deeply I can attest to the fact that I feel the urge to love others because I just have so much of it to share. Perhaps a little too much.

This never occurred to me until I gave too much love to the wrong people. People that in no way were capable of appreciating it or reciprocating it. When it came to loving myself I found that there was no longer any love for myself.

This was when I most needed it as well.

Something I could not accept was that I was not the problem. I mean I must have been the problem. How could I not? My love must have scared them off.

Feeling alone in this conclusion I came across quotes by Rupi Kaur. Quotes that challenged my perception of myself.

i am a museum full of art

but you had your eyes shut

– rupi kaur

This one made me truly think. It drove my thoughts farther from my initial conclusion. If you have love to give and one does not appreciate it it is not because it is too much but it is because they are blind to its beauty.

Whether it be a romantic relationship or a friendship, love is natural and pure. It can never be too much and if anyone makes you think otherwise…well they most certainly do not deserve you.

Instead of suppressing my love I gained confidence in it. Instead of trying to change myself I came to love myself even more.

I can say that I truly fell in love with myself these last 2 years…I came to appreciate the beauty inside of me. How my heart had depths that many couldn’t understand.

If you find yourself frustrated by how hard you feel…stop yourself and appreciate it.

You have this power that not only makes you strong but also powerful. You have something inside of you that is much more profound than any love you find in someone else.

Do not doubt your power. It is pure and perfect just the way it is. Love those who appreciate it and those who cannot. Do not be ashamed or feel weak.

Your love will forever make you strong.




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